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Part-Time Controller & Accounting Management Services

Excelsior provides controller and accounting management services on a part-time basis - from once a month to multiple days a week, depending upon your unique needs. We believe meaningful financial statements paint a clear picture of an organization's financial situation - communicating both past results and current needs. All too often, however, the CEO's, Executive Directors and business owners we encounter tend to receive too little financial information too late.

With Excelsior at your side, you can relax and take a deep breath. We specialize in preparing timely, accurate and reliable financial statements - all conveyed in a concise and informative package that highlights the key performance drivers for your business. We can assist with a myriad of your accounting and financial reporting needs, including:

  • Financial statement preparation & analysis

  • Annual & interim budgeting

  • Cash flow management

  • Internal control implementation

  • Accounting policy reviews & revisions

  • Financial forecasts & projections

  • Day-to-day accounting department management

  • Managing your annual financial statement audit

  • General bookkeeping services

We have access to a wide network of professional expertise, which equips Excelsior to provide consistent high-quality service, even in those industries where we may have less direct experience. We are especially familiar with the financial reporting needs and challenges in the following industries:

  • Software and technology (SaaS & on-premise)

  • Manufacturing, distribution and transportation

  • Nonprofits

  • Professional services

  • Telecommunications

  • Retail

  • Agriculture




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Relax. We understand your needs and we're here to help!

Relax. We understand your needs and we're here to help!

Services & Pricing

Part-Time Controller Services

As your on-site controller, we are just as much a part of your team as any other employee. Our goal is to be your go-to person for all internal accounting and financial reporting needs - including financial reporting & analysis, budgeting, cash flow management and general accounting oversight.

Term: Flexible - You can start or stop our services whenever you wish

Pricing: Fixed monthly fee based upon your individual needs

Special Projects

We are willing and able to assist your business with a variety of accounting-related projects, including policy & procedure revisions, M&A preparation, system conversions/implementation, audit assistance, regulatory reporting, staff training and internal control implementation. Most projects include an introductory site visit and assessment free of charge and with no commitment.

Pricing: Hourly billing with project-specific fee estimate

A "For-All" Company

At Excelsior, we are re-imagining the role of for-profit businesses in our communities. As our client, you can rest assured that we are not only in the business of taking care of you and your needs - we are also committed to taking care of our employees and leaving our communities better than we found them. We call this a "For-All" business model, and here's a little of what makes us so special:

For Our Employees

We believe if you want to hire the best people, you have to treat them the best. That's why we prioritize work/life balance and actively support the causes our employees are passionate about. What's more, we are an employee-owned business. Each of our client-serving employees has the opportunity to take an ownership interest in our business, meaning when you hire us, you are directly supporting our employees and their livelihoods.

For Our Community

One Free Hour Every Day - Our commitment to our community runs deep. We offer every nonprofit client one free hour of service for every full work day. That means one full-time employee purely serving nonprofit clients would provide nearly two months of free services over the course of a year.

1% of All Revenues for Charity - We withhold 1% of our gross revenues each year, which we allow each of our employees to earmark for contribution to the charitable causes of their choice. 

Excelsior (Latin): Onward and Upward.

Excelsior (Latin): Onward and Upward.


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