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Janice Aris, Executive Director

"Nathan brings knowledge and transparency, which has helped us get an accurate picture of where we are financially. That allows me to sleep at night. That's a big deal for me!"

Nathan worked with Janice Aris, the Executive Director of Mercy Home for Children, providing part-time controller services 3 days a week over the course of about one year. Walking into an accounting department that had missed regulatory filing deadlines, Nathan streamlined bookkeeping and financial reporting processes, implemented new accounting policies and internal controls, and began providing a monthly financial reporting package. He presented quarterly financials to the company's board and received praise from both the board and senior management for his work in cleaning up the organization's financial reporting function. Here's more of what Janice had to say about working with Nathan:

"Nathan has streamlined some of our accounting systems. I now have access to information that I didn't have previously, and that allows me to make decisions."

"He's learned about our industry at a remarkable speed."

"Nathan can interact with anyone and we have a sense of comfort with him. He participates in our board meetings and paints an accurate picture for us. Having him has been very, very nice."

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